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Thank you for your interest in our wholesale properties.   You will be notified when new properties are listed on our site.

NOTE:  These properties are selling too fast and not making it to the website.  To get earlier notification of the properties, you may want to get on our VIP Buyers List.    The VIP list will also allow us to use your personal buying criteria to find a property that fits your needs.    Consider us your personal Real Estate Shopper.  VIP Buyer List gives you:

  • Early notification of properties before they hit the website
  • Allows us to use your personal buying criteria to search for property that fits your specific needs
  • Gives you $1000 towards your first purchase with us.

To get $1,000 off your first purchase and get on the VIP list, you may fill out this form below.  If you would like to fill it out later, you should follow the link in your email that we have already sent to you.   Thank you.


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