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Do not get confused by imposters and scams utilizing the HomeBuyerDepot company name.   There is only one HomeBuyerDepot and our official website is located at

Home Buyer Depot, LLC is a Florida registered company and is a large buyer of houses in the United States.

If someone is using our logo or company name in their advertising or products and is not a registered member of the company, please refrain from doing business with them and notify us immediately.  Unfortunately, with our reliable and trusted brand, many people try to take advantage of this.

At HomeBuyerDepot.Com,  know that you will get a fair offer based on the condition of the house and current market conditions.

If you are unsure if you are dealing with a legitimate Home Buyer Depot investor, please call us at 888-54-HOUSE.

Thank you.

Michael A. Banuchi, Founder and CEO